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How it all started.....

In 1991 while at a V.F.W. in Arkansas, I met a remarkable older lady named Aunt Laura.  She was a widowed veteran and lived in a nearby town.  She invited me over for Sunday dinner.  That day she made some ribs with her family's special sauce.

I was so amazed at the down home rib sauce taste.  In asking Aunt Laura about it, she said that it was a really old family recipe and that it wasn't just for ribs.  It was for all the things that her family cooked; chicken, steak, vegetables, beef, beans, chili, and more.


In 1992 before heading back to Wisconsin, I asked Aunt Laura if I could fix up a few things around her house.  She agreed, and in thanks for my help not only did she make me some sauce to take home, but also the old family recipe.  She wrote it down saying, she hoped that the recipe would never be lost.

Returning to Wisconsin the recipe remained tucked away in my desk drawer only to be used for friends and family.  With their comments of "This is Awesome," "WOW" and "Fantastic," everyone thought that we should bottle it.  In 1998 we made our first bottle of Jimmy J's Razorback Rib Sauce with that same old family recipe.  We haven't changed the original recipe, and never will.

Funny how Aunt Laura always called me Jimmy J.

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