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What our fans have to say about Jimmy J’s Original Gourmet Razorback Rib Sauce:

Hi, Thank you for your promptness. We went to Woodman’s in the Falls(Menominee Falls) and got the Mild Sauce for me and the Hot for my husband. We appreciate the good customer service and plan on being customers for a long time.
Tammy F.

For a few years I have been running with S-Baby Rays and no one can say its not a good sauce. Probably a favorite. However it overshadows anything a griller would do to the meat. I have been looking for a sauce that compliments my meat, my style of cooking and your sauce was amazing. I have found my new rib sauce and leave the other stuff to the amateurs who can't cook. (Although your sauce is good to go for anyone) I can't wait until my next "rib cook" and family can try it.
Jason Odegard
Wausau, WI

Hi Jimmy,
Just wanted to thank you for sending the package with some additional sauces, I really appreciate your efforts to keep the customer happy. And I’m on happy customer. We will be competing in our first competition in April at “Pork in the Park” in Maryland. I will be showcasing your sauces there and I will let you know how we make out. With your outstanding sauces and my lousy techniques we should really do well.
Thanks again for your continuing support.
E. Tonino
RedNeck Caviar BBQ Team



We lived in WI before and always got your BBQ sauce at the farmers market in Appleton. We now live in GA and finally found your site to order online. Great sauce. Keep making it.
A. Miranda
Marietta, GA



This is the best "all around" sauce to keep on hand in the pantry..it grabs my imagination and I come up with new ideas for trying it on. Halved strawberries covered with yogurt and frozen-add two drops hot sauce per strawberry just before serving...excellent blend of flavors in the mouth party burst1
Donna W.



I just wanted to let you know how awesome your XXX sauce is. It's truly just out of this world. By itself, it's awesome already, but I've also made into a slightly sweet glaze for atop a meatloaf by adding brown sugar, honey, and oregano. That works really well. Keep doing what you're doing Jimmy and company!
Rene H.
Appleton, WI



Jimmy J's,
Hey! Thanks you so much for giving me a call. I look forward to getting the BBQ sauce from you. It’s hands down the best. Thanks again.
N. Edwards
Online Customer


Thank you!
I just got my sauces and I was very pleased how quickly I got them after I received your email. Without a doubt we will be telling all of our friends and family about the excellent quality and customer service of Jimmy J’s Sauces.
Your great service has exceeded my expectations!
Thank you again.
N. Edwards
Online Customer

I picked up a bottle of your hot rib sauce at the Appleton market this weekend. Let me tell you, it is the most delicious sauce I have ever bathed my ribs and chicken in. Fantastic flavor with the perfect amount of heat. So glad to see I can order your sauce online when the markets end. Absolutely wonderful product. Thank you. I hope you don't mind if I wax poetic about your sauce on my food blog. Looking forward to my next bottle.
Sarah Nett
Fond du Lac
Sarah’s Food Blog

Jimmy J's Razorback Rib Sauce is somewhat of a misnomer. Yes, it is great on ribs, but it’s also fantastic on burgers, steaks, chops, and meat loaf. It is good in soups and stews also. My favorite use is on stir-fry. Once you try it, I'm sure you'll be back for more. I wouldn't be without it.
D. Clark
Appleton, WI

This sauce is the best sauce I've ever tasted. Thanks for making my meals tasty and enjoyable. I tell all my friends to buy your sauce and the ones I shared my sauce with agreed that it's the best they ever had. Thanks again!
Jeffrey LaPlante
Appleton, WI


Hi Jimmy,
My name is Troy G. I live in Colorado, when I was home last time to see family & cousin Tommy G, I ran across your sauce at a sports bar out around 55 & 41. Brought some home and forgot all about it in our pantry. Last week I had ribs with your XXX sauce, and they were great, the sauce made all the difference!!!
I have a small jerky company, Blue Collar Snacks. I am going to use your sauce on my personal stash next smoke run.
Thanks for your flavorful attention to good sauce.

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