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Great Down-Home Flavor Ribs

Down-home Smoked Country Style Ribs:
Bavarian Style Seasoning or BBQ rub
Country Style Ribs - Plenty for everyone, they’ll be back for 2nd & 3rds!
2 cups Jimmy J’s Sauce - Your choice on the heat level
1/2 Cup Pineapple
Season ribs with Bavarian Seasoning, let sit overnight. 
Blend pineapple with your choice of Jimmy J’s Razorback Rib Sauce. 

Get the smoker or grill up to 275. 
Brush extra seasoning off of ribs and smoke for 1.5 hours. Flipping once.

After the 1.5 hours, place ribs into a cooking tray, cover with Jimmy J’s & Pineapple mix, cover with foil. Cook for another 1 - 1.5 hours. Check at 1 hour, if meat is pulling away from bone they are done. 

Place back on grill to get the sauce bubbly and caramelized.   ENJOY!

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